SP Driver Training Packages Certificate Program

Certificate Program

Our most popular program that consist of 10.5 hours of behind the wheel training and 25 hours of in class training. This program covers every aspect of driving with in depth understanding and training. The best thing is you save on insurance premium upon completion!

In class 25 hours are divided into 4 classes. We are doing the in class at MUN. The course is composed of 10 modules. The complete breakdown of the program can be found on the “Schedule of the Theory Modules(Now we are doing this course online) learn more about our online course 

In car training. (10.5 Hours)

Lesson 1: (1 hour) Getting to know the vehicle, positioning the vehicle in the roadway using mirrors and turns left and right
Lesson 2: (1 hour) Eye-Lead Time, scanning the road ahead, timing traffic lights and how to approach intersections
Lesson 3: (1.5 hours) Familiarization with the City of Mount Pearl in preparation for the road test, merging on and off the highway and roundabouts
Lesson 4: (1.5 hours) Highway merging, defensive driving training, downtown driving and parking in downtown.
Lesson 5: (1.5 hours) Angle Parking/Parallel Parking
Lesson 6: (1.5 hours) Full parking practice and Practice Road test.
Lesson 7: (2.5 hours) Practice before the road test and road test.

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